Oosto's Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist Talks to ISC East Attendees About a Bold New Vision for Video Analytics

Oosto’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist Talks to ISC East Attendees About a Bold New Vision for Video Analytics

NEW YORK, NY – November 17, 2022 – Oosto’s CTO and Chief AI Scientist presented a bold new vision for video analytics leveraging contextual scene understanding and semantic segmentation at this year’s ISC East. week, the International Security Conference & Exposition, in New York. In his presentation, Oosto explained how using these new technologies can provide real-time contextual analytics and more accurate alerts based on a more holistic understanding of a scene.

Historically, AI in video analytics has typically been single-threaded and purpose-built to perform a specific function (eg, facial recognition, object detection, license plate recognition). This limits an organization’s ability to have a fuller understanding of a CCTV scene. It also means metadata is limited to a single use case, disconnected from other algorithms, and unable to make overall sense of a scene.

“Video analytics is still in its infancy. Today’s video analytics provide limited information that can result in poor and missed alarms,” according to Dieter Joecker, Chief Technology Officer of Oosto. walking through ISC East and speaking with client companies and the partners who serve them, it is clear that the world of physical security needs to come out of the dark ages and help organizations prevent incidents of violence and vandalism, or to minimize the damage immediately afterwards.”

Joecker added: “Tomorrow, commercial enterprises will harness the power of contextual scene analysis – multi-threaded AI – to deliver real-time contextual analysis and precision alerts based on a more holistic understanding of live video surveillance. . For example, when a person falls in a store, it can mean a number of things: Was he bending over to tie his shoes? Were they pushed by another person? Was this a staged “slip and fall” to generate a fraudulent claim? Does the person have a legitimate medical emergency? How an organization reacts in real time is based on the speed and quality of the alert. »

“Leading Vision AI companies are beginning to harness the power of semantic segmentation and edge computing to provide real-time, contextual analytics and alerts to gain a more holistic understanding of video footage,” added the Professor Marios Savvides, Director of the CyLab Biometrics Center at Carnegie Mellon University. and Chief AI Scientist of Oosto. “We can also start capturing more metadata to get better context on what’s happening in real time and ensure the right types of alerts are sent to the right staff.” Instead of relying on surveillance professionals to monitor video footage 24/7, security teams can use their skills to respond to very specific alerts. It’s not just about adding more algorithms. Large enterprises will use the power of semantic scene understanding and edge computing to provide real-time contextual analytics and alerts based on a more granular and comprehensive understanding of a scene.

The International Security Conference & Exposition, also known as ISC East, is the North East’s premier security and public safety event, held in conjunction with major sponsor Security Industry Association (SIA). The show brings together security dealers, installers, integrators and consultants, along with businesses, governments and law enforcement/first responders, to share best practices and technologies designed to keep our communities safe. .

At the conference, Oosto showcased its facial recognition-based access control and watchlist alerting solutions, which are used today by government organizations, airports, casinos, hospitals and many other entities to improve safety and security in physical spaces. Additionally, Oosto management was invited to speak at the conference and present the future concept of AI-based video analytics.

For session details, please visit the ISC East website at https://www.isceast.com/en-us/seminars/sessions/session-details.2928.158222.the-rise-of-explainable -ai.html.

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