Immersive Gamebox opens its second DFW location at Deep Ellum in Dallas

Immersive Gamebox opens its second DFW location at Deep Ellum in Dallas

Immersive Gamebox is growing rapidly. Last year alone, the group gaming entertainment platform had three locations in the UK and one at Grandscape in The Colony north of Dallas. Today the company opened its 15th location in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, east of downtown, after opening other locations from Berlin to New York to San Antonio.

Like all the others, the Deep Ellum site offers interactive digital games played by groups in “smart and fun rooms”. As you can see from the gamers without glasses above, this is not augmented or virtual reality. Instead, the “game boxes” feature a range of technologies, including projection mapping, touchscreens using the company’s patented Lidar, 3D motion tracking and surround sound.

All this technology allows groups to play 12 intuitive and fully interactive games, from retro arcade style games to children’s puzzles to “the first-ever life-size Angry Birds game with slingshot”, created in partnership with Rovio Entertainment .

Teams of 2-6 play 30-60 minute games with levels and challenges designed to be fun, social and collaborative.

In partnership with Netflix on a Squid Game experience

Another partnership, with Netflix, provides an even more timely experience based on the streamer’s most-watched series, “Squid Game.” This “intense” experience is restricted to ages 16 and up, according to the company.

“We are thrilled to connect Immersive Gamebox to the culturally rich community of Deep Ellum and enhance the lively entertainment, music and arts that bring people together in the region,” said Will Dean, co-founder and CEO of Immersive Gamebox, in a statement. “Our goal is to support neighborhood revitalization after the pandemic and provide a safe and fun experience for family and friends.”

Raised $11 million in June 2021

To fuel its growth, Immersive Gamebox raised $11 million in June 2021, when Dean predicted the future of retail would be experiential in nature, and promised to “take immersive entertainment to the next level.”

Deep Ellum’s location is at 2525 Elm Street Unit 3C. For more information, you can go here.

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  • From a black-tie kickoff on Jan. 19 to a parade, music festival, storytelling summit, and more, the Deep Ellum neighborhood, just east of downtown Dallas, is preparing for an unforgettable 2023. Known as the “home of the blues in Texas”, the neighborhood is buzzing with live music, street art, galleries, restaurants, clubs and culturally creative retail. The 150th anniversary will bring something new: the opening of the Deep Ellum Community Cultural Center. That’s just one way 2023 will “shape the neighborhood’s future as an ongoing mecca for creatives, entrepreneurs, and all comers,” says a Deep Ellum Foundation executive.

  • The Deep Ellum Foundation has installed new banners on streetlights showcasing the work of local Deep Ellum tattoo artists. Here’s a gallery of the designs you’ll see if you walk or drive around the neighborhood.

  • With investors such as Capital Factory and the executive chairman of TopGolf, the site will feature 35,000 square feet of technologically enhanced entertainment. Attractions will include arcade games; VR, AR and “extended reality” experiences; “story rooms (escape)”; reinvented carnival games, and more.

  • You may have seen his mural on the wall of Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum. But that’s just to start. Marshall has made her mark in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond as an art curator and consultant for her company Articulation Art. Harnessing the talents of several artists, his company has curated artwork on the exterior and interior walls of the Virgin Hotel, Design District Playground, Renaissance Hotel, Cushman & Wakefield, Case Building, Tom Thumb, 7-11, Deep Ellum Brewing Company, and many more.

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