Arloid Automation: Governments Should Adopt Isolation and AI Measures for Energy Security Now

Arloid Automation: Governments Should Adopt Isolation and AI Measures for Energy Security Now

LONDON, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A substantial reduction in energy consumption is needed now with insulation and artificial intelligence measures essential for a more energy secure future. Prohibitions1 in the UK may have been avoided this year2 but next year’s supply problems are real. The International Energy Agency November 2022 report, “Never too early to prepare for next winter: Europe Gas balance sheet for 2023-2024′ highlights the possibility that gas supply will not match demand next year.

Two key measures – insulation and artificial intelligence (AI) can have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption. In the latest statistical report “Energy efficiency of housing in England and Wales: 2022′ Figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics show that there is a huge disparity in efficiency across the UK’s housing stock.

The report published at the end of October 2022 shows that there is still a long way to go to bring the energy performance of all houses to a level that offers at least a minimum level of comfort. Not only does this drain precious energy resources, but poorly insulated properties are often inhabited by those who can least afford them.

It’s not just a problem in the UK, but worldwide. In an effort to reduce global energy demand, property managers and building owners around the world can all help by using artificial intelligence to more accurately manage a property’s energy needs. The AI ​​technology works alongside the building management system (BMS). Arloid Automation, based in Londoncan help property managers save up to 22% using

Arloid works with property managers around the world and has removed the upfront costs of delivering AI technology. Instead, a fee is charged on the resulting savings.

The technology behind uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to automatically monitor and manage the operation of HVAC systems in a wide range of buildings via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). It works in conjunction with the building management system by analyzing all the factors that provide a warm and comfortable building, such as when heat is needed, at what temperature, as well as a multiple of other variables such as heat rates. building occupancy, time of day, weather, etc.

By controlling each HVAC device in the system and dividing the building into separate heating and cooling microzones, provides more precise environmental control and improved user comfort.

After 60 days of initial learning, the reduction and energy savings begin to add up, which is a real cost benefit for property managers and tenants, especially with soaring utility bills. energy and the cost of living.

Energy demand must be reduced significantly now to ensure energy security next year. There were enough warnings of potential breakdowns. Measures that reduce energy demand will have the most impact now – insulation and artificial intelligence. If governments took these steps today, it would be a big step towards a secure energy future.

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Arloid Automation London, dubai and Singapore has an AI-powered solution,, that works in real time to intelligently and precisely adjust HVAC system settings, helping reduce utility bills and footprint by up to 22% carbon.

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