Donation of "modern kitchens" to Malipo attests to excellent achievements of 30-year twinned assistance

Donation of “modern kitchens” to Malipo attests to excellent achievements of 30-year twinned assistance

BEIJING, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About November 16the launch ceremony “Twin Assistance for Rural Revitalization” of the twin assistance program for Malipo by the China Association of Public Diplomacy was held at Daping Middle School in Malipo County, Yunnan Province. Sponsored by China Public Diplomacy Association and China Rural Development Foundation, Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Malipo County People’s Government, Organized by Global Times Online and Co-hosted by yum chinathe “Modern Kitchens Donation Ceremony in Malipo” was officially launched on the site.

Hu Zhengyue, vice president of the China Association of Public Diplomacy; Hu JianDeputy Director General of the Information Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Chen Zhigangvice president of China Foundation for Rural Development; Wang WeiDeputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province; Lu Bovice-mayor of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture; Shi Dingexecutive editor of the Global Times Online and Wang Lizhi, public affairs director of yum chinaparticipated in the event.

30 years dedicated to promoting rural revitalization in a comprehensive way

the year 2022 dots the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ twinned assistance to Malipo County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Since 1992, a total of 230 million yuan has been invested in the anti-poverty foundation. More than 700 projects in six categories, including food and clothing, education, health, training, integrated village development program and industrial support, have been implemented, effectively taking Malipo out of poverty and accelerating overall rural revitalization.

Hu Zhengyue, vice president of the China Association of Public Diplomacy, said in his speech, “The most arduous and onerous task of building a modern socialist country comprehensively still lies in rural areas. The CPC Central Committee has widely promoted the revitalization strategy, prioritizing rural education, and continuously improving the conditions of compulsory education. Today we organize a series of activities such as the “Modern Kitchens Donation Ceremony in Malipo”, which is a concrete measure to mobilize the efforts of all sectors of society to implement the spirit advocated by the CPC Central Committee.

Hu JianDeputy Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Department, said: “Chinese modernization is the modernization of a huge population, common prosperity for all. No country has ever encountered unprecedented difficulty and complexity on the way like China, with a population of 1.4 billion. We must maintain firm strategic resolve, pursue progress while ensuring stability, work hard to consolidate gains in poverty reduction and advance the rural revitalization strategy.

Chen Zhigang, vice president of the China Rural Development Foundation, said, “Investing in children’s nutrition is investing in their future. Improving nutritional intake is key to eradicating intergenerational poverty. He also mentioned the cooperation with yum china in the realization of “one yuan “Donation” for 15 consecutive years to continuously improve the nutritional status of children in underdeveloped areas. The program has been supported by more than 130 million donors, with a total fundraising of more than 240 million yuan presenting “a low threshold, practical participation and transparent operation”.

As a central media outlet, Global Times Online actively follows the progress of twinned assistance and rural revitalization. Shi DingExecutive Editor of the Global Times Online, said in his speech: “This time, we will not only continue to deliver high-quality content, but we will also unite with all sectors of society to participate in building To In the future, Global Times Online will continue to leverage its advantages in media resources, work with all sectors of society and Chinese and foreign business partners to promote rural revitalization activities around the world and better tell stories of rural development in Chinese style.

“As a witness and beneficiary of China’s reform and opening up, yum china has maintained constant development over the past 35 years. By adhering to our core value of “Always Doing the Right Thing,” we fully showcase our unique strengths and actively give back to society,” said Alice Wangdirector of public affairs yum chinawho also pointed out that the “one yuan The “Donation” program had provided 55 million nutritious meals to rural schools, donated modern kitchens to nearly 1,400 schools and donated digital classrooms to 340 schools.

Empower rural revitalization and promote the healthy growth of rural children

At the venue, guests, headteachers and student representatives unveiled the “Twin Assistance for Rural Revitalization” donation ceremony of modern kitchens in Malipo.

Thanks to the donation of yum china and the China Foundation for Rural Development, five schools in Malipo, including Daping Middle School, now have “modern kitchens”.

The main kitchen equipment and facilities in “modern kitchens” include induction cooker, rice steamer, disinfection cabinet, fan and operating table. In some rural schools, poorly equipped kitchens using traditional stoves are inefficient for cooking, resulting in wasted energy and environmental pollution. In addition, schools in some areas lack the necessary disinfection and food storage facilities, which poses hygiene risks.

Standardized and electro-vaporized equipment provides students with hot meals in an economical, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way compared to the traditional way of burning coal and biofuels. Meanwhile, it also changes the traditional way of cooking in rural schools, enriching food types and nutrient content for students.

In addition to “Modern Kitchens”, yum china also donated winter jackets to Daping Middle School students.

In reality, yum china has a long history of supporting improved nutrition for rural children. Since 2008, yum china collaborated with China Foundation for Rural Development to carry out the “one yuan Donation” for 15 consecutive years, continuously improving the food nutrition of rural adolescents and children, whose healthy growth has contributed to rural revitalization.

It is to highlight that yum china is also concerned about the lack of educational resources for programming in rural areas. “Rural Children Digital Classroom Project” supports the overall growth of rural students and revitalizes rural development through skilled personnel through computer donations, teacher empowerment and popularization of programming.

Foreign media hail China’s achievements in rural development, poverty alleviation

More than 20 foreign journalists from the China International Press Communication Center attended the ceremony. Several journalists told Global Times Online that this was their first visit to rural areas of Chinaand they were impressed with Malipo’s development.

Zheng Quanzhi, a reporter for Thai Manager Daily, exclaimed, “Modern infrastructure such as kitchens are conducive to the growth of rural students. The development of this school in Malipo is a good example of the success of China’s poverty reduction strategy.

Rahul Basharat, a Pakistani journalist, described China’s poverty alleviation efforts as “a miracle that has completely lifted so many people out of poverty.” He believed that poverty remained a pressing global problem, particularly in Asia and Africa. Although many countries, including the West, have taken different measures, they have not eliminated poverty.

Seeing that social forces such as benevolent businesses are contributing to the development of rural areas, Sin Chew Daily reporter Zhang Jiawei told GlobalTimesOnline that in Malaysiasolidarity enterprises offer assistance to disadvantaged groups, but such targeted assistance from Chinese enterprises to underdeveloped rural areas is rare in Malaysia. He also said that he would present his experience here through the report

SOURCE China Association of Public Diplomacy

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