The Callisto Protocol Season Pass will include new death animations [UPDATE] -IGN

The Callisto Protocol Season Pass will include new death animations [UPDATE] -IGN

Update (11/23/22) – Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen A. Schofield took to Twitter to confirm that the team isn’t “holding anything back from the main game for the season pass.” This means that there will be no death animations locked behind the season pass for the main story.

He confirmed that the new death animations will be brand new and will arrive as part of the Contagion Pack and Riot Pack. Schofield also shared that the team hasn’t even started working on it yet and that “fans have been asking for EVEN MORE kills, so we’re making that a priority next year.”

The original story follows.

Striking Distance Studios has announced the contents of The Callisto Protocol Season Pass, revealing that several player death animations are locked behind the additional purchase.

As reported by VGC, the game’s Steam page has been updated to include Season Pass content, revealing that 13 kill animations (which were a major marketing feature for the game) will not be included in the release. normal at $59.99 from the game.

Instead, players will need to purchase the Season Pass to experience each animation. So far, this is only being announced as part of the $79.99 Digital Deluxe Edition (or $249.99 collectible), but will likely be sold separately for around $20.

The Season Pass also includes story DLC that allows players to “dig deeper into the gruesome secrets of the Callisto Protocol”, the Outer Way Skin Collection, and two new modes brought by the Contagion and Riot packs.

The Contagion Pack includes all 13 new death animations alongside what appears to be the hardest mode in the game. This Contagion mode has “reduced ammo and health drops, custom difficulty, permanent death, and another collection of skins

The Riot Pack includes what looks like a survival mode for the Callisto Protocol. “Gather credits to upgrade your weapons or forge new ones and survive the onslaught for as long as you can in Riot,” reads the Steam page. The Riot Bundle also includes 12 new enemy death animations and the Engineer Skin Collection.

Striking Distance Studios is headed by Glen Schofield, one of the leading figures in the 2008 horror game Dead Space. In light of this, it’s only natural that the Callisto Protocol would make grizzly bear kills a major part of its DNA.

From getting crushed in industrial machinery, getting their heads bitten off by hungry monsters, and being hacked in half by the blades of a giant fan, the studio has already showcased a range of ways bloody stories that protagonist Jacob Lee can meet his end while exploring the Black Iron Penal Colony.

The Callisto Protocol is so relentlessly gory that the Japanese version of the game was canceled entirely when it failed to top the country’s rating body.

Continuing with the theme, the devs have even included an achievement to see all of the death animations in the game, though this likely won’t include the 13 animations that are locked behind the Season Pass.

Be sure to check out IGN’s full breakdown of what’s in each Callisto Protocol edition to make sure you’re getting the horror experience you’ve been looking for.

The article and title have been updated with clarifying remarks from Glen Schofield.

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