The Long Dark details Survival Mode's massive paid expansion, releasing in December

The Long Dark details Survival Mode’s massive paid expansion, releasing in December

Hinterland Studio’s stunning snowy survival adventure, The Long Dark, is getting its first paid expansion on December 5, and ahead of its release, the developer has detailed everything it will bring.

Tales from the Far Territory, as the new expansion is known, releases in six parts over a 12-month period, each arriving approximately every 8-10 weeks. All six parts will focus on The Long Dark’s much-loved survival mode, but there are narrative elements in there and Hinterland refers to the full series as a “campaign”.

It’s unclear exactly what will come when, but Hinterland has now detailed all of the major features it will introduce to Survival mode throughout the expansion. There are three new areas, for example – Forsaken Airfield, Industrial Mine, and Mountain Pass – all accessible via the Far Range Branchline hub and Transfer Pass.

Here’s a taste of The Long Dark’s Tales from the Far Territory Expansion Pass.

Tales from the Far Territory also adds a host of new gameplay elements, starting with Glimmer Fog, a mysterious phenomenon capable of charging the air and the ground with electrostatic energy. There’s also a new portable shortwave, capable of picking up supply or location signals usually not found during aurora or flickering fog, as well as a new insomnia affliction.

Players can also construct a travois themselves – used to haul large quantities of supplies over long distances, albeit at the expense of mobility – or locate a trader who specializes in rare goods and information. It’s even possible to organize and decorate your favorite hideaway interiors.

New fauna includes the ptarmigan – a winter bird that serves as both food and feathers, used in crafting – and the deadly cougar, described as “players’ biggest enemy yet”.

Survivors can also discover unique, custom versions of existing in-game items found in hidden corners of the world, or use a new photo mode. Interestingly, this gives a bit of an in-universe twist, with players having to use darkroom chemicals to process their own film.

All this will be accompanied by three narrative tales, detailing the mysterious past of the territory. Each will feature their own unique gameplay objectives, tied to the storyline found in the highly anticipated final installment of The Long Dark’s Wintermute campaign.

In addition to Tales from the Far Territory, Hinterland is working on a range of new features for all players, arriving in free updates alongside the expansion’s various content drops. These include new spawn points for players (intended to make it feel like they’re “lost” again at the start of a new game), as well as an update to the spawning of wildlife and tables loot and updated item slots.

Players will also be able to locate notes under car sun visors containing useful information, craft fire-hardened arrows, gather acorns to create stimulating drinks resembling coffee and flour, and harvest burdock for the dry it and brew it into a medicinal tea.

Additionally, new first-person harvesting animations are coming, as are improved beach fishing and combing, improvised spikes, a new thermos flask, and the introduction of female deer to the wildlife roster. . Players can also expect the latest installment of The Long Dark’s Hunted challenge and visual enhancements for Xbox X/S, PlayStation 5 and high-end PC.

Hinterland will share a more specific release schedule at a later date, but those wishing to grab its Tales from the Far Territory Expansion Pass can do so from Monday, December 5 on PC, with a console release slated for “early”. 2023. It will initially cost $19.99, but that price will increase as more content is added over the 12 months. Expect it to hit $24.99 halfway through and $29.99 once everything is available.

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