60+ best Black Friday phone deals to grab right now

60+ best Black Friday phone deals to grab right now

Black Friday may be officially over, but epic deals are still pouring in from everywhere. Basically, every retailer and carrier is currently offering great discounts, especially on phones. We’ve handpicked the best deals on phones, so you can get your money’s worth right now. So don’t worry – you’re not late, but you might want to hurry before these generous discounts expire or stocks run out!

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals

During our Galaxy Z Flip 4 review, we found it extremely trendy – we understand why it’s so popular and sought after! After all, it’s Samsung’s flip phone for the modern age, ultra-compact, thanks to its foldable screen. So let’s start with that one – we’ve got some great Black Friday Z Flip 4 deals, including one from Samsung itself, where you can get this cutting-edge, eye-catching phone for as low as $309.99 with a qualifying trade-in!

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals

The Z Fold 4 is an Android powerhouse, just as we described in our Galaxy Z Fold 4 review. It’s basically a foldable tablet and smartphone in one, with its foldable screen giving you 7.6 inches to enjoy your social media, web browsing and watching movies in general! When you’re done, fold it up and put it in a pocket – as easy as a cake! Well, now you can have this amazing phone for a whole lot less, thanks to a flurry of Black Friday deals from Samsung itself.

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 series deals

Samsung’s latest and greatest mainstream flagship series includes the basic Galaxy S22, the larger Galaxy S22 Plus, and the larger Galaxy S22 Ultra, which also comes with a built-in stylus to take notes like a pro! So it’s the kind of family of flagship phones that has something for everyone, and if you’ve ever wanted to experience the best of Android, you can hardly do it better than with the Galaxy S22 Ultra! Want to know more about these phones? Discover our Galaxy S22 review, Galaxy S22 Plus review, and Galaxy S22 Ultra review!

Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G deals

Need a great, affordable smartphone from a trusted brand like Samsung, but don’t want to break the bank with fantastic Black Friday deals? Look no further:

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G deals

Samsung’s “Fan Edition” phone was normally slightly cheaper than the base flagship S22, but it’s now even more affordable thanks to Black Friday price drops! In our Galaxy S21 FE review, we praised it for its great performance, solid cameras, lightweight design and beautiful 120Hz display, perfect for smooth entertainment and gaming!

Best Apple iPhone 13 series deals

Even though Walmart, Amazon and others have discounted iPhone 14 models for Black Friday, these deals are mostly related to activation and gift cards, when it’s The iPhone 13 range that has the best direct price drops for Black Friday! The iPhone 13 mini, for example, is just $349 at Walmart, while the iPhone 13 Pro, or professional quality The iPhone 13 Pro Max is also $100-$200 off there, not to mention all the Amazon iPhone 13 price drops!

Best Apple iPhone 12 series deals

If you’re looking to save some money, buying an older generation iPhone is always a good idea. Not only does the iPhone 12 hold up perfectly in 2022, it’s more likely to get bigger discounts. Here are the Black Friday iPhone 12 deals already available:

Best Apple iPhone 11 series deals

The best way to save money on your next iPhone is to get a slightly older, refreshed model. Luckily, we already have some great Black Friday deals on refreshed iPhone 11 phones, and there are more to come!

Best Apple iPhone SE 2 deals

No need to spend flagship prices just to own an iPhone! The excellent 2nd-gen iPhone SE may have a somewhat outdated design, but it’s still fast and a wonderful, reliable phone for most people. Whether for a gift, or as a primary device, the The iPhone SE (2nd Gen) can now be yours for less, it’s almost Black Friday after all!

Best Google Pixel 7 series deals

Best Google Pixel 6 series deals

from google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro features a distinctly “Pixel” look, clean, stock Android with fast updates and great cameras. The Pixel 6a takes all the essentials of its more expensive siblings and packs them into a more affordable package. Right now, you can find the Pixel 6a for $150 less at Best Buy — a deal that makes it even more appealing than usual.

Best Motorola Moto G Play deals

Modern budget phones are very impressive, as many of them cover all the bases while costing very little money! And Motorola’s G Play is a great option to consider if you’re looking for exactly that. This already cheap smartphone is now even less so thanks to Black Friday discounts!

Best Motorola Moto G Stylus deals

While the Galaxy S22 Ultra is an amazing flagship smartphone with a stylus, not everyone is willing or able to pay that much money for the experience. Thankfully, Moto’s budget stylus phone – the Moto G Stylus, is still an option, and even cheaper now during Black Friday, for stylus fans looking to save some cash!

Best Motorola Moto G Power deals

Good value for money and fantastic battery life – if those are the things you’re looking for in a smartphone, the Moto G Power is certainly worth your consideration. This battery life champ is even more affordable now that Black Friday deals are in action.

Best Motorola Edge deals

“Flagship quality, mid-range price” are words that pretty much describe Motorola’s Edge smartphone, and that aforementioned mid-range price is now even better after the Black Friday discounts went live!

Best Sony Xperia deals

Best OnePlus 10 series deals

Best OnePlus 9 series deals

Best OnePlus Nord N20 deals

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