Traditional Kashmiri Sufi singer Noor Mohammad's song is taking the internet by storm

Traditional Kashmiri Sufi singer Noor Mohammad’s song is taking the internet by storm

While people across Kashmir are enjoying Noor Muhammad’s old Kashmir hit songs, another song “Nazneen Yaar’e Myan’e Ye Tche Mulaqat” whose trailer was released on Thursday has taken the crowd by storm. social media with music lovers expressing their gratitude to the musical duo for choosing a song from Kashmir.

Noor Mohammad Shah is a traditional Sufi music performer and songwriter from Baki-Aker village, Handwara town, Kupwara district, North Kashmir. In the beginning, when Noor Muhammad started singing, young people from Kashmir became the best musical director duo in Bollywood. Salim-Sulaiman collaborated with famous Kashmiri folk artist Noor to produce a sensational Kashmiri song.

‘Nazneen Yaar’e Myan’e Ye Tche Mulaqat’ is his latest song which is trending on YouTube and social media starts with Noor’s voice and is followed by Salim-Sulaiman, Raj Pandit and a choir of almost 15 singers.

While the other singers were seen playing modern musical instruments like guitar and piano, Rabab, a traditional Kashmiri instrument, was enough for Noor Muhammad to create a milestone of cultural and traditional heritage. Additionally, Sulaiman plays Tambaknae’r to give the song a local feel.

“This is real music for the ears. Brilliant performance by Kashmiri singers Noor Mohammad and Raj Pandit,” said Imtiyaz Hussain, a senior police officer stationed in Kashmir. While thanking the incredibly talented music maker Salim Merchant for promoting Kashmiri art and artists, Sheikh Adil, another Kashmiri police officer, said that Noor Muhammad never ceases to amaze us. “Listen to this moving masterpiece,” he said.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit said “Naazneen” is the greatest song in the history of Kashmir in terms of production, design and presentation. β€œIt is a tribute to the rich heritage of Kashmir folk music and its creators in the valley,” he said.

“Bhoomi 22 releases Naazneen teaser featuring our very own Noor Mohammad with Raj Pandit, Salim Sulaiman. Noor Mohammad’s voice always acts as therapy,” said another Kashmiri boy.

All of this makes it clear that Noor Muhammad is constantly connected to his own traditional stuff, even in the modern age of technological and instrumental explosion.

A unique magic is reflected in Noor Muhammad’s voice which is neither anyone’s claims nor the illusions of false acting in his singing. Noor gave an excellent blow to the hearts of conscientious and responsible compatriots to save his mother tongue, Kashmir, from the orphanage.

Noor has literally made an electrifying little effort to save and preserve cultural heritage from degradation and decline. However, it is a tragedy for all of us that we are still determined to give up ours and proud to digest and absorb the others.

Noor was an unsung and unidentified gem – a path so unknown and anonymous – that no one knew his guts and his potential. He used to sing like an ordinary singer in festivals and public places, but even in today’s hectic and advanced era, he receives deep-rooted appreciation and encouragement from ordinary people in general and the youth section in particular.

Noor Muhammad is now stepping out of the mantle of an ordinary man and becoming a popular figure in the public arena with his special performance which is a sign of an ongoing positive and progressive narrative in his personal life as well as his family situation.

On his latest song which has taken the internet by storm, Noor said it will be one of the best Kashmir songs of this year which was recorded last year in Mumbai at Salim-Sulaiman’s studio. It had been filmed last month and would be released very soon.

β€œI was very happy to collaborate with the famous musical duo as the musical directors of the duo chose to work with me,” he said and praised their hard work in promoting Kashmiri folk music.

Notably, Noor Mohammad’s earlier song “Tchulhama Roshie Roshie” is still famous in the Kashmir valley. (ANI)

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