Groceries in a basket

Letter to supermarkets: stop discrimination in digital-only savings

Groceries in a basket

As Americans grapple with record inflation in grocery prices, many are turning to digital coupons to save on their supermarket bills. But these digital-only offers often exclude those hardest hit by the rising cost of food and other household basics, according to consumer advocacy groups.

In an open letter to the supermarket industry dated November 15, a coalition of national consumer groups said digital-only offers “digitally discriminate”, excluding many shoppers – especially those who are elderly, have limited income or do not have access to the Internet or a smartphone.

“This is digital discrimination, and the most vulnerable people are being excluded from these online discounts at the worst possible time given record inflation,” Edgar Dworsky, founder of the Consumer World site, said in a statement. “Major supermarkets need to provide an offline alternative to digitally disconnected people so they can realize the same savings as connected shoppers.”

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