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A Viking Funeral is a side quest boon in God of War Ragnarok that can only be unlocked after completing the main storyline. This side quest acts as the game’s secret ending, as upon completion the screen will go black and the final credits will roll.

In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about how to start the secret ending side quest, as well as what the final cutscene could mean for the future of the series.


How to Unlock and Start the Secret Ending in God of War Ragnarok

After finishing the main scenario and leaving Hoddmimis Holt, Mimir will mention that Lunda informed him that there was a meeting to honor Brok’s memory at Raeb’s Tavern in Svartalfheim.

With that mention, travel to Svartalfheim – the closest mystical gate will be the Nidavellir Gate. Once there, follow the winding path to the tavern door and enter.

A Walkthrough for Viking Funerals

Once there, you will find Raeb, Durlin and Lunda sharing their fondest memories of Brok over a drink. After their conversation, they’ll encourage you to pay your respects to Brok, whose body lies on a nearby table. Paying homage to you, they’ll share that they’ll soon be saying their final goodbyes to Brok at Sverd Sands – a small island at the end of the ferry closest to the pretender Tyr’s prison.


Meet the party at Sverd Sands

When you’re ready, leave through the same door you entered through and return to the Mystical Gateway at the bottom of the path – you’ll want to head to the Aurvangar Wetlands Gateway.

Upon arriving, follow the path in front of you and turn left, where you will soon reach the ferry, which you will want to interact with to reach Sverd Sands.

Once the ferry stops, walk towards the group as they line the edge of the water and interact with Brok’s body to trigger a long cutscene.


This cutscene will see Kratos transport Brok to the stake, where you will begin the funeral process.

However, Sindri will soon arrive and say a final goodbye to her brother.

Placing it in the ocean, Sindri will have Freya light her arrow with her torch, in which she will then set fire to the funeral pyre.

With Sindri visibly upset, Kratos attempts to console him; however, his sympathy is dismissed with a long stare, before walking away and moving from realm to realm.


After the cutscene, the game will fade to black and the ending credits will begin to roll, and the ending theme song, “Blood Upon the Snow”, will play.

The Secret Ending Explained – What It Could Mean For The Future

So you’re probably wondering what the significance of this secret ending is and why this quest, in particular, ends with the game going black and kicking off a second set of credits.

Although it’s all speculation at this point, as nothing has been officially confirmed, we can only assume that given the emphasis on Sindri’s disdain for Kratos and Atreus, until the final scene of story, it’s fair to assume that Sindri’s hatred for the couple and apparent blame for Brok’s death could fuel a major plot point in the series’ future.

Throughout Ragnarok, we’ve seen Sindri slowly transition from a caring, brotherly figure in Atreus to a broken, hate-filled man struggling to cope with the grief of losing his brother. Take into account that Brok’s death came at the hands of a man Atreus pushed to find and never got to confront Brok and share his reasoning for bringing him back from the dead – despite its consequences – it’s clear that it was Santa Monica Studios’ plan all along.

Sindri’s downfall is still visible throughout the game, especially towards the end, when we see firsthand the difference in her physical appearance. Not only is he visually much less put together and tired, but his germaphobic nature seemingly disappears as he is still seen wearing the same outfit covered in Brok’s blood.


Also, Sindri’s downfall and possible future are teased by Durlin at Sverd Sands as he tells Lunda that “loss can do anything to a man”. Mimir also confirms this after the funeral scene, where he states, “A hole…grows the more you take out of it.”

Now, if that wasn’t a direction they intended to go, we’d think it’s safe to assume they’d close Sindri’s story with a better conclusion – whether that implies he would forgive the pair over time or that he at least doesn’t blame them for Brok’s death.

That said, this isn’t the first time Santa Monica Studios has misled us, as we head into Ragnarok we were led to believe the game would focus on Freya’s hatred for Kratos, with her ultimately playing a villainous role. important. However, this plot point did not play out as we expected and was quickly cleared up in the opening chapters of the story.

Whether we’re just thinking too deeply about Sindri’s emotions or not, we think her story is far from over and feels quite different from hating Freya, especially given Sindri’s closeness to Atreus and Kratos. While we don’t believe he’ll play the big bad guy, he could play a meaner or more reckless role by letting his grief cloud his judgment.

In the comments section below, let us know your thoughts on the secret ending and what it might ultimately mean for the upcoming series.


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