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Varjo Reality Cloud platform now supports Unity and Unreal Engine projects

Decision Extends Varjo Reality Cloud’s XR/VR Streaming Capabilities to the Developer Community

With initial Autodesk VRED-only support, the Varjo Reality Cloud Platform now supports Unity and Unreal Engine (UE) projects, making it easy to stream high-fidelity XR/VR content directly to gaming headsets. Varjo.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in addition to NVIDIA GPUs, Varjo Reality Cloud, launched earlier this year, enables real-time delivery of VR and MR content to supported devices for pro and prosumer users. Used by Rivian, Volvo Cars, KIA Motors and other companies that are evolving their VR/XR workflows, Varjo Reality Cloud represents an important step in Varjo’s long-term journey to enable access to VR and MR anytime, anywhere.

“Varjo has cracked the code for immersive VR/XR streaming. No other player in the industry has achieved cloud streaming with multiple software and devices like Varjo Reality Cloud,” said Urho Konttori, co-founder and CTO of Varjo. “We make it easy for companies to jump-start their industrial metaverse strategy, and we’re excited to extend Varjo Reality Cloud to the developer community with the addition of Unity and Unreal Engine.

As two of the most popular 3D engines in the world, Unity and UE are basic tools for anyone designing in 3D, such as creators, developers and architects in gaming, entertainment, healthcare , construction, etc.

For example, Aston Martin used Varjo’s human-eye-solving XR-3 helmet to analyze a Unity model of the Aston Martin DBX. Phiaro, a concept car specialist, used the XR-3 to combine an actual video stream with 3D car renderings designed in Unity or UE, complete with custom position tracking. Using UE and Varjo Aero, 3D content studio ZOAN is building its brand new headquarters in a fully virtual environment. By combining Unity and Varjo technology, boatbuilder Arksen has converted a digital showcase of its 85′ explorer yacht into a virtual reality experience.

With the addition of Unity and UE support from Varjo Reality Cloud, users can now upload Unity or UE projects and easily launch them from Varjo’s cloud.

“Varjo Reality Cloud is an absolute breakthrough for creating a photorealistic and seamless open-world experience like Cornerstone,” commented Tomi Laitila, Operations Manager at Cornerstone, ZOAN. “The human-eye-resolution VR streaming experience enabled by Varjo is the perfect match with our graphically ambitious Unreal Engine projects. Thanks to Varjo’s pioneering work with cloud technology, everyone can now empower themselves to Visually deliver jaw-dropping Unreal experiences on a never-before-seen scale.”

While users would need a $4000+ workstation to run XR/VR experiences on Varjo’s headsets prior to Varjo Reality Cloud, Varjo now offers a similar experience to mid-range laptops for less than $2000 via streaming. “It’s great in two ways,” added Mat Zagaynov, product manager at Varjo. “First, this pricing gives you a very attractive TCO and ROI. Second, laptops are lightweight and portable, meaning you can use commercial VR experiences on the go.”

Earlier this year, Varjo secured $40 million in Series D funding backed by EQT Ventures, Atomico, Volvo Car Tech Fund, Lifeline Ventures and new strategic investors Mirabaud and Foxconn. This funding allows Varjo to build a realistic industrial metaverse for all professionals, primarily focused on the development of Varjo Reality Cloud. In 2023, Varjo wants to enable any user to join immersive collaborative sessions from other third-party headsets and a variety of iOS and Windows devices, including phones, tablets, and PCs. The company plans to support non-tethered VR/AR headsets and specialty makers for mobile and PC devices in the future.

Varjo Reality Cloud, with cloud streaming support for Unity and Unreal Engine, is available for $299 per month per user. For Varjo Aero, there is a three-month Varjo Reality Cloud plan for $2,690.

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