Immersive Health Group (IHG) Announces Integration of inciteVR Technology and Intellectual Property, Powering Its Immersive Healthcare Capabilities

Immersive Health Group (IHG) Announces Integration of inciteVR Technology and Intellectual Property, Powering Its Immersive Healthcare Capabilities

Technology Assignment and Industry Hiring Significantly Expand Immersive Health Group’s Technology Capabilities in the Clinical and Nursing Education Segment

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/November 28, 2022/ The Glimpse Group, Inc. (“Glimpse”) (NASDAQ: VRAR)(FSE: 9DR), a diversified virtual reality (“VR”) and augmented reality (“AR”) platform company providing software and services of enterprise-focused VR and AR solutions, today announced that its wholly-owned VR clinical training solutions subsidiary – Immersive Health Group, LLC (“IHG”) – has entered into an agreement to transfer technology and intellectual property with InciteVR, an award-winning immersive learning company that creates immersive learning experiences (ILX) for higher education and professional training, primarily in the clinical health and nursing segments.

inciteVR’s ( provides immersive learning experience solutions, delivered in virtual reality and using artificial intelligence (AI), game-based learning and an extensive proprietary library of VR assets. 3D learning, to achieve deep and persistent learning. Offering undergraduate and graduate nursing education, medical assisting education, and professional clinical education since 2016, inciteVR has trained over 95,000 learners in approximately 2,000 classes who have completed over 1,000,000 sessions immersive game-based learning or simulations integrated into mainstream courses at educational institutions.

The divestment of inciteVR’s intellectual property and technology included a one-time nominal issuance of common shares of Glimpse (@$7.00/share). At the same time, the entire inciteVR team has entered into employment contracts with Glimpse and will join the IHG team.

Jim Kiggens, co-founder and CEO of inciteVR, will serve as IHG’s Chief Product Officer. Mr. Kiggens will add significant knowledge of the immersive technology industry with 30 years of experience producing and developing game-based learning and simulations for higher education, K12 and corporate training.

Mr. Kiggens commented: “Since inception of inciteVR, we have rooted our methodology in research validating that students cost-effectively acquire skills faster, with greater accuracy, and retain skills longer through immersive learning experiences. In Glimpse, inciteVR’s technology can further expand the reach and functionality of its immersive labs and clinical and nursing skills and IHG. »

Dov Hirsch, CEO of IHG, commented, “The inciteVR team is a natural fit, bringing decades of experience in immersive clinical education to IHG. Their user-centric approach Immersive Clinic is the result of extensive experience in creating online higher education solutions, uniquely designed and developed to address a global nursing shortage that continues to impact academic institutions, faculty , health systems and patient populations. We welcome Jim and the inciteVR team and look forward to our journey together to drive accelerated growth in the immersive healthcare segment.”

About Immersive Health Group, Inc.

IHG is a digital health company that leverages cutting-edge VR/AR technologies to increase access to care, optimize care delivery, and educate and train clinicians, practitioners, and patients. For more information about The Immersive Health Group, please visit; For more information about inciteVR, please visit

The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR, FSE: 9DR) is a diversified virtual and augmented reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software and services companies, and built for the specific purpose of cultivating businesses in the emerging VR/AR industry. Glimpse’s unique business model simplifies the challenges faced by VR/AR companies and creates a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors with the opportunity to invest directly in the emerging VR/AR industry through a diverse platform . For more information about The Glimpse Group, please visit

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