Vermont has the most expensive internet in the Northeast, rural states struggle

According to a study by Surfshark, rural states tend to overpay for their internet, while urban states tend to get fair internet prices.

Vermont Business Magazine Surfshark’s new Internet Value Index (IVi) shows that Vermont has the most expensive Internet in the Northeast. The index is calculated by dividing each state’s internet speed by internet affordability. The study reveals large disparities between rural and urban states in terms of internet value, highlighting the country’s digital divide.

  • Vermont ranks 45th in the United States in internet value with an index of 0.38.

  • The Northeast is the best performing region in the country, with Internet value 30% higher than the US average.

“Affordable and fast internet is crucial these days – school kids need it to do their homework and attend online classes, and remote workers need it to get their jobs done efficiently.” – comments Agneska Sablovskaja, principal researcher at Surfshark. “However, 3 out of 4 rural states are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting fair internet prices, further isolating them from the opportunities available to wealthier, more urban states.”

Vermont is one of the worst performing states, ranking 6th from bottom in the US in terms of internet value. Slightly more fortunate Internet users reside in New Mexico (44th) and Alaska (43rd).

The Northeast is the best performing region in the country, with Internet value 30% higher than the US average. Vermont is the worst performing state in the region with an Internet Value Index of 0.38 (48% below the region’s average and 34% below the US average). The neighboring city of New York is ahead of Vermont by 42 places:

  • New Yorkers have to work 1 minute to afford 5.6 Mbps of mobile internet. Meanwhile, Vermonters work 2 minutes 29 seconds (149% more) for the same internet quality.
  • As for mobile internet, New Yorkers have to work 1 hour to afford 37.9 Mbps of high-speed internet. Meanwhile, Vermonters work 2 hours 19 minutes (132% more) for the same Internet quality.

New Jersey and Mississippi – two states at opposite ends of the internet value hub:

  • New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York have the best internet rates.
  • Mississippi, Wyoming and Arkansas have the most expensive internet in the country.

New Jersey has the best internet value of any US state. New Jersey residents have to work just 1 minute to afford 5.5 Mbps of mobile internet and 1 hour to afford 45 Mbps of high-speed internet.

Vermont’s index is 61.6% lower than New Jersey’s. Vermonters work 146% more for the same quality of mobile Internet and 175.8% more for broadband.

3 out of 4 rural states overpay for internet

A state’s Internet Value Index is influenced by many factors, such as economic position, population density, percentage of urban area, and whether a state is landlocked or not. Rural states suffer the most in terms of internet value: 3 out of 4 rural states have overpriced internet. The situation is very different in more urbanized states, where 3 out of 4 states get fair internet prices.

The Northeast scores the highest internet value, while all other regions have ratings below the US average

Out of four regions in the United States, the South is the worst in terms of Internet value – 3 of the bottom 5 states are in the South. The West and Midwest show slightly better performance but remain below the US average. Meanwhile, the Northeastern states get the best internet value, with an average index 30% higher than the US average.

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29.11.2022. Surfshark Internet Value Index

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