MediView and GE Healthcare will bring augmented reality solutions to medical imaging for the interventional space

MediView and GE Healthcare will bring augmented reality solutions to medical imaging for the interventional space

November 30, 2022 — GE Healthcare, a leading global innovator of medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics and digital solutions, and MediView XR, Inc., a leading clinical augmented reality medical technology company, have today announced their collaboration to integrate medical imaging into mixed reality solutions through the development of the OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite System.1 MediView’s current technology platform leverages spatial computing and mixed reality, united with medical imaging to combine augmented reality visualization, seamless remote collaboration and evidence-based clinical information.

“We are thrilled to advance our strategic collaboration with GE Healthcare by co-developing and creating the interventional suite of the future – a suite designed to improve usability, with natural interactions for optimized workflow and easier patient collaboration. care teams. The physician is empowered to simultaneously interface with virtual monitors, holographic 3D anatomy, and collaborate remotely with colleagues around the world,” said Mina Fahim, President and CEO of MediView. “Utilizing GE Healthcare’s exceptional imaging and MediView’s expertise in real-time augmented reality visualization and navigation, we are proud to jointly launch one of the largest augmented reality deployments in the field of healthcare to date and to grow the clinical adoption of innovative extended reality solutions.”

The collaboration between the two organizations brings together MediView’s expertise in 3D augmented reality medical visualization, surgical navigation, telecollaboration capabilities, and procedural data insights to improve and simplify clinical decision-making, as well as GE Healthcare’s superb interventional imaging technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and clinical data. decision support capabilities.

“Augmented reality in imaging is essential to improve the visualization of anatomy and improve the user experience. Our collaboration with MediView demonstrates our commitment to advancing the delivery of precision care by expanding the capabilities of our own image-guided systems through an open architecture and the integration of promising and complementary technologies, such as OmnifyXR Interventional Suite, into the workflow. of clinical work. Together, we can help clinicians use image guidance technologies to their full potential to help deliver high-quality patient care,” said Arnaud Marie, General Manager of Global Interventional at GE Healthcare.

There is an increasing focus on streamlining and optimizing clinical workflows and improving ergonomics for clinicians using medical imaging. The OmnifyXR solution provides an augmented reality heads-up display of interventional x-ray imaging systems using Microsoft’s latest HoloLens technology. The solution incorporates multiple live imaging holographic displays to help improve ergonomics regardless of working position and features 3D volume for enhanced visualization of anatomy to help clinicians better assess patient outcomes. complex tomies and to inform clinical decision-making. The solution also offers remote collaboration, allowing clinicians to partner remotely, train, monitor and facilitate collaborative care.

GE Healthcare and MediView will co-market the solution and explore opportunities for joint go-to-market efforts, with an initial launch in the US market and global expansion planned for the future.

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1 OmnifyXR Interventional Suite does not require 510(k) and is not yet available for sale. Not yet CE marked. May not be marketed or put into service in the EU until it has been brought into conformity with the CE marking. OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite is designed and manufactured by MediView XR, Inc.

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