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Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here: what’s the internet saying?

After much anticipation, Spotify users can now check out their Spotify Wrapped 2022 results and the new features included this year.

Many of those listeners took to Twitter before and after this year’s Spotify Wrapped release to talk about what they expected to see in their year in review, prompting #SpotifyWrapped to take the premiere place of platform trends at the time of publication.

According to a press release from Spotify, listeners were given their typical roundup of the top artists, songs, and genres they’ve listened to, but they were introduced to two new features.

Spotify wrapped
Twitter users took to the popular social media platform to share their highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped results.
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Users discovered their ‘listening personality’ and how their music tastes changed from morning to night through ‘Audio Day’.

“Your Wrapped will showcase your listening personality based on how you’ve listened to music throughout the year,” the release reads.

Audio Day is a story that showed the “niche vibes” of what Spotify users listened to morning, noon and night.

After the success of last year’s Spotify Wrapped feature which included artist messages, the music streaming platform has brought it back.

“With your Artist Messages this year, select fans will receive year-end thank you videos from some of their top artists of 2022, with each video followed by their most-streamed song from that artist this year,” the post reads. communicated.

He noted that 100 artists participated in these posts last year, but it has since expanded to include more than 40,000 artists.

An exciting release for many listeners, many Twitter users were discussing Spotify Wrapped in the days leading up to this year’s release.

“Spotify wrapped is not enough, I want an excel spreadsheet of my viewing habits,” joked one Twitter user.

While some mock those who share what their Wrapped looks like, one Twitter user encouraged them to post the results.

“I really like seeing everyone’s spotify wrapped up, I think it’s really fun”, read the text on the meme.

Spotify listeners flooded Twitter once they got their Wrapped results. Most posted their simple list of their top artists and songs, but some took the opportunity to joke about their Wrapped playlist.

“Me pretending to be shocked that Harry Styles is my best artist,” a read tweetaccompanied by a photo of Miranda Cosgrove’s character, Nickelodeon’s Carly Shay iCarly, looking surprised while looking at a computer screen.

another tweet which was posted echoed a similar sentiment as the Twitter user feigned astonishment upon learning that his top artist was Taylor Swift.

Other search terms on Twitter started to become popular when related to Spotify Wrapped, such as “Top 0.5%” and “EMBARRASSING”.

“I am in the top 0.5% of [Beyoncé] listeners, which means I get free tickets for the Renaissance world tour, right????? joked one Twitter user.

“Lmao ok where are Taylor’s top 0.0001% listeners this year, I know you’re out there and you’re about to make my 0.5% look bad,” tweeted another.

Some, however, said they felt embarrassed after thinking back to what they had been listening to throughout the year.

One said they decided to post because it’s not “as embarrassing as usual”.

But another Spotify listener wanted to keep his opinion private.

“I’ve been waiting for Spotify Wrapped all year and it’s too embarrassing to share,” they wrote.

In addition to individual users getting a full breakdown of their listening habits, Spotify shared aggregate streaming stats, including the Top Global Artists of the Year, Top World Songs and Most Streamed Albums across the world. world.

For the third year in a row, Bad Bunny topped the list as the most streamed artist in the world, according to Spotify. Behind him were Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS.

Harry Styles’ “As It Was” was the most streamed song, while Bad Bunny’s album “Un Verano Sin Ti” took the top spot for the most streamed album in the world.

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