MikeTeeVee Launches Its First Studio VR Puzzle Game - Shores of Loci

MikeTeeVee Launches His First Studio VR Puzzle Game: Shores Of Loci | AR Post

After the exponential growth of the global virtual reality market during the pandemic, the demand for more immersive gaming experiences continues to increase at a rapid pace. In fact, the VR gaming market is expected to reach $33.65 billion by 2026.

A clear indication of this growth is the wide variety of virtual reality games available today. We can easily play RPGs, VR puzzle games, platformers and other game genres on various devices such as VR headsets, game consoles, mobile devices and PCs.

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One of the latest additions to the growing list of immersive VR games is Banks of Loci, a single-player narrative puzzle game developed by female-led production studio MikeTeeVee. By combining mentally stimulating challenges and soothing sound effects, the game provides users with a unique VR puzzle game experience that relieves stress and calms the mind.

Shores of Loci: a puzzling adventure

Banks of Loci transports players to a surreal world where they become part of a multi-dimensional story set in mystical realms. Each chapter takes players to a different dimension where they embark on an adventure, helping giants and villagers reclaim their lands and rebuild their homes.

Shores of Loci VR puzzle game

They have to rebuild the virtual domains by finding the right lands and putting them together. Once all the right pieces of the puzzle are in place, they merge into spectacular landscapes delivered in crisp 4K resolution.

The gameplay is very intuitive, creating an inclusive experience as players travel through the different realms. As they complete the puzzles, unique characters begin to populate the towns and villages they have rebuilt. Along with having a sense of accomplishment for successfully solving challenging puzzles, players also experience a sense of accomplishment for rebuilding and restoring forgotten civilizations and scenic towns, albeit virtually.

Banks of Loci is also one of the few virtual reality games entirely for all ages and genders. The game can be played standing or sitting, so it’s also inclusive. There are currently five chapters with twelve different puzzles and a sixth underwater chapter which is under development.

The VR puzzle game is available in Meta Quest Store for $14.99.

An immersive VR puzzle game in a meditative environment

What sets Banks of Loci apart from other VR puzzle games, this is how it incorporates a meditative vibe into its gameplay. With the game being developed amid the pandemic, its designers intended to create a VR game that nurtured players’ mental health and wellbeing.

Unlike other games that increase adrenaline by placing players in combat environments or competitive scenarios, Banks of Loci encourages peaceful exploration where there are no enemies, no battles and no time limits. There are no penalties for choosing the wrong puzzle pieces, so players can leisurely work through each puzzle without worrying about scores or leaderboards. To make the game more relaxing, there are serene sound effects and soothing music.

Shores of Loci VR puzzle game

This relaxing gameplay allows users to see virtual reality games from a different perspective. Its captivating puzzles stimulate the brain and improve logical thinking while its visually arresting landscapes, beautifully woven story and tranquil ambient sound soothe the mind and provide a peaceful escape from hectic lives.

VR games that positively impact lives

As the demand for more meaningful experiences in virtual reality increases, we can expect to see more games like Banks of Loci which aim to positively impact its players. VR games that are both immersive and meditative will provide unique experiences that can improve our well-being. They will transport us to virtual worlds where we can clear our minds and relieve our stress.

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