Canary Medical Integrates Analytics Module into Zimmer Biomet Smart Knee Implant

Canary Medical Integrates Analytics Module into Zimmer Biomet Smart Knee Implant

Zimmer Biomet Persona IQ medical canary smart knee implant
The Canary Medical Orthopedic Analysis Module integrates with the Persona IQ Smart Knee. [Image from Zimmer Biomet’s website]

Canary Medical today announced the launch of its first orthopedic analysis module: Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves.

Recovery curves use motion data measured by Canary Medical’s exclusive Canturio TE implantable tibial extension sensor technology. Sensor technology activates Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ smart knee implant.

Persona IQ with Canturio TE tibial extension sensor technology collects activity metrics and gait parameters for at least 10 years. By aggregating parameters from the Persona IQ patient population, recovery curves provide population data for activity levels and knee kinematics. It also ranks each patient’s knee performance against their peers. The technology does this based on age, group, gender and time since surgery, according to a press release.

Canary Medical said clinicians can now access and use the information to determine whether to increase in-office patient examinations. They can also update their care plans in the year following surgery.

The company said its technology represents the first and only monitoring tool available to reproducibly characterize total knee recovery against objective global population data obtained from identical implantable sensors.

“The next step” for Canary Medical and Zimmer Biomet

In August 2021, Canary and Zimmer announced that the FDA had granted Persona IQ de novo classification. Earlier that year, Canary Medical CEO Dr. Bill Hunter described the highly anticipated technology for mass device and Medical design and outsourcing.

The two companies teamed up because of a shared belief that smart knee implants could be the next big thing. Today’s announcement represents progress on this shared vision.

“Today, Canary Medical and Zimmer Biomet take another step in their shared vision to change the future of orthopedic postoperative care. The Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves are another exciting example of our commitment to providing meaningful data and analysis to surgeons and their patients,” Hunter said in today’s press release. “Improvements in implanted sensors, power and transmission technologies allow for more accurate measurement and meaningful ongoing monitoring to better understand and support postoperative patient care.”

“We will soon expand the use of our Canturio implantable technology to other joints and implants, making Persona IQ the first of many Zimmer Biomet products that will benefit from data provided by our sensors,” he continued.

More on technology

Persona IQ collects data passively through Canturio TE extension sensor technology. It does this every day from the same anatomical location with no refills or replacements.

Canary now offers its recovery curves to all surgeons implanting Persona IQ from their Canary Medical account dashboard. The company said it is improving the information displayed on the MyMobility dashboard. It plans to offer free access for a limited time as it continues to expand its platform.

Future versions of Canary’s modules include a simplified desktop workflow with alerts for patients outside defined recovery parameters. The company intends to make its information useful for remote monitoring of patients.

“We continue to be excited about using objective patient data to support and personalize pre-, intra-, and post-operative care with Persona IQ,” said Liane Teplitsky, President of Global Robotics. and technology and data solutions at Zimmer Biomet. “We are working with Canary to present recovery curves to customers to better understand how this new information is used and displayed prior to full integration with Zimmer Biomet’s MyMobility with Apple Watch platform, the primary user interface for data Persona IQ.”

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